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Finally got to play.  

Frame rate is goodish.  It'll run great, then it'll hit a slowdown in my experience.  

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the-pi-guy said:

Finally got to play.  

Frame rate is goodish.  It'll run great, then it'll hit a slowdown in my experience.  

I'll install the game on my new ssd and I'll try the new beta drivers to see if my experience is better.

At least the PS4 version runs fine.

Well, seems like PS4 version is the way to go. Either way, this crap that Nvidia does with Gameworks isn't going to stop me when buying a Radeon Fury if it's decently close to the 980TI.

On the bright side, Steam refunds are relatively painless.

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Played for about 25 min. and had 4 slowdowns where the game basically froze. The last of these times was for a good 10-20 seconds.

onionberry said:
haxxiy said:

Getting 50 fps w/ gameworks and 85 fps without. GTX 970 + FX 8350 here.

You can change the framerate on the .ini file.

It runs and looks better than the Witcher 3, I don't see the issue here, it's obvious it was going to be a heavy game.

Edit - playing at 1080p. And it runs slightly worse in-game than in the benchmark, but not much.

if you don't see the problem then that's good for you so please enjoy the game, bad for us the majority of pc gamers. My rig is fantastic so it's not a hardware problem. the stuttering is bad, really bad. I bought a ssd, maybe that will fix the problem a little bit but I don't think so.

SSDs didn't fix the cutscene stuttering on Witcher 3, and if the same thing is happening here, I doubt you will get any improvement.

I'd wait for the inevitable patches if you are that unsatisfied with the game. Or maybe go after that thing called Steam Refunds, I don't know.






Just wait for patch's and new driver from Nvidia or AMD , and updated new windows, and also stay tuned on PC forums or steam forum, they will fix this, but the bad thing is you will need to wait for a month or even a year to play the perfect version.

Disgusting effort. 12 people, really?

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I don't care about it anyway - it plays exactly like the first two games doesn't it? well plus the batmobile.

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