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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Graphics Comparison: Kingdom Hearts III vs Zelda: Windwaker HD

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Which game looks better?

Zelda: Windwaker HD 60 34.09%
Kingdom Hearts III 116 65.91%

They both look good but there is so much more happening on screen in kingdom heart vs wind waker hd

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Now I do think that if NX is a new console, and it releases before KH3 releases (which is possible), then KH3 could be ported to it, especially if Nintendo is smart and uses x86.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Stop comparing wiiU games and ps4/xbox/pc games please.

pc? KH3 is not coming to PC

WW has so many plain textures, theres so much more detail in KH3s environments.  There's no comparison here.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Smear-Gel said:

Thats not the sort of thing we want on a site dedicated to comparing games

I will make a starfox wiiU starcitizen graphics comparizon next.

Nobody is stopping you. 


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KH3 easily.



I love KH but the graphics just scream fujoshi crap. WW wins for me.

I mean, I'm 100% sure KH3 is possible on the Wii U, but come on. Graphically, there's no comparison. KH3 looks lightyears better.

Artstyle is another discussion, but that's obviously not the point of this thread.

Well, this is new.


KH3 has some nice effects... but light years ahead? We must be watching different videos.

Its not even fair for Wind waker.KH III much better by far

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