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Forums - Sony Discussion - Horizon: Zero Dawn is already available on PS Vita...

And the game is called: Freedom Wars
I see no differences!

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Cool story bro.

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You really see no differences?

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Seems legit


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I see many differences and a few similarities.  (I'm not going to list everything)
Horizon is a huge (Witcher 3 size) open world action RPG. And Freedom Wars is a small arena based JRPG.

One noticable similarity is the ability to get the modules and resources from the monsters/machines.

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Dangit. . .


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freedom wars is a future where prisoners can choose to fight for their lives, and earn freedom right?
Thats abit differnt than what Horizon is.

What about the names? Those are different :D

They play differently.

I put 150+ hours in FW and even got the plat

The thorn mechanic makes the FW a very enjoyable and satisfying game, it's one of my favourite vita games of all time.

I hope Horizon is just as good as FW

All I know is that Freedom Wars is awesome and Horizon will be awesome too!