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Forums - General Discussion - Did I see a ghost?

double post,my bad

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Your bad.

There's an established phenomenon that can occur when you're on the edge between being awake and asleep. The visual receptors "invent" images that the brain interprets further as being a figure or a shape, and the person is not conscious of being asleep. Whenever someone brings up one of these experiences, that's usually the first question -- were you tired or asleep? It's often accompanied by "sleep paralysis," where you feel like you're awake and trying to move but can't. Alien abductions and ghost sightings generally fall into this category. A friend of mine in college once experienced a very vivid image of an Oz-style witch on a broomstick hovering outside his dorm room window!

If it was a ball of light, it could be something called ball lightening, which i've heard of happening before, basically that's what it is, a ball of electricity with floats about then fizzles out as it were.

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Possibly a weather balloon, or swamp gas! ---Professor Membrane I still believe there is more to the world than science can prove.

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the eye thing could be true. One of my Eyes has scaring on it so sometimes I get wierd light effects at ngihttime when i look around.

How did you get scaring on one of your eyes? That must have really been painful.

How did you get scaring on one of your eyes? That must have really been painful.

my bird scrached it. A white cockatoo. So its weakened now. Meaning if i forget to put my ointment in at night the eye drys up and when i awake it tears the cornia. Its like having 1000 micro sized knives poking you. On a good note you get use to the pain.