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Forums - General Discussion - Did I see a ghost?

Cobretti said:
my bird scrached it. A white cockatoo. So its weakened now. Meaning if i forget to put my ointment in at night the eye drys up and when i awake it tears the cornia. Its like having 1000 micro sized knives poking you. On a good note you get use to the pain.

They're recurrent corneal erosions (RCE), and resultant scaring could also give those strange light effects.  You poor soul... I've heard how painful the experience can be when you open your eyes in the morning .

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I know someone who got their eye caught on a cloak hook, all he can see now are basic shapes. Thing is, his dream was to join the army, and he can't do it now.

windowview said:
Possibly a weather balloon, or swamp gas! ---Professor Membrane I still believe there is more to the world than science can prove.

Thats funny, and also alarming how much is kept from us .if you guys only knew!

People have been emailing me about autism, so here it goes.... Autism in general , people tend to think that they are handicapped. My opinion is that their brain has overdeveloped in one part. Example, Have you noticed that they have one quality about each one that is uniquely diiferent but they are very good at. Watch rainman if you haven't. If you think that a person with autism does not have something that they are good at.......ask more questions, watch more closely. I met this one gentleman who was mildly autistic, You couldask any event and he knew the exact date, with out ever reading or hearing about it. I have a different view on religion, and why certain people have certain abilities, please do not ask me to get into this, and no I do not believe in reincarnation of everyone. My studies on Autism were using Hybrid chemicals and formulations to unlock the blocked doors in your mind. This mixture is very easy to make but, the chemicals can be pricy unless you have a wholesale/distributor agreement. My formulation was studied bu the University of Washington before my research was taken away. This product has shown to cure almost all autism in children/some adults and help with their learning abilities. Originaly I was working on a reflex enhancing product to give to special forces. What was created was a reflex enhancer, but gave the brain/cognitive function an astute learning boost! Just by taking it you will not be smarter, however, when you read a book or listen to a lecture or learn you will maintain knowledge. It can not be marketed as a cure for autism and alzheimers, because the US govt. passed an anti cognitive act back in 89 to do away with anything chemical/pharmaceutic that can make a perosn smarter. Also my cancer research was highly researched into Ayahuasca. The govt. .listen to this, were interested in the psychoactive abilities. Lets put it this way, when you take it, it releases checmicals in your brain that are only released during near death. DMT, though ilegal has had quite a big response. What made me curiuos was the govt. interest to have key individuals take it during meditation. I won't even get in to what was documentd because very few people believe, and I do not want to get far fetched. Back to autism, When taking my product for autism/alzheimers, for opening your mind and retaining more memory, even remembering the faintest of childhood memories, I have had great results off of it while meditating believe it or not! some of the ingredients in my formula have 13 bonded ingredients, one is piracetam and aniracetam, choline helps inhibit the effect longer, like I said there are 13 total. Fuuny thing is, another key ingredient, is made by bonding niacin with gaba, this forms another mentionable nootropic called picamilon

SamuelRSmith said:
I know someone who got their eye caught on a cloak hook, all he can see now are basic shapes. Thing is, his dream was to join the army, and he can't do it now.

hehe i know his pain. I wanted to join the air force. Its extremely hard to get into it in the first place but with bad eye there is like 0% change :(