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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: TWO Nintendo E3 event leaks(take with grain of salt)

I dont care what people say these reports keep me going until E3!!!!

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Game pad+ is that fusion in disguise. LOL
But I love these fans and how creative they can be. Too good to be true...

These guys aren't even trying to sound real anymore. Two gamepads? Metroid: Alien Swarm!? Jesus Christ.

teigaga said:
Has a Nintendo leak ever been real?

Just wondering this myself. It'd be nice to compare notes from old leaks in the past and see if any of the predictions were true.

Side note: I feel like there have been a lot less E3 leaks/rumors this year. 

OT: It'd be cool if some of this came true, but it does read like a fanboy's wishlist so......yeah. 

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

curl-6 said:
From now until E3 we'll get roughly one of these every two days, like we always do, and none of them will even come close to the reality.

and what baffles me is why they even bother; Nintendo's E3 presention isn't even two weeks away. You'd think they would find something more constructive or interesting to do with their time. In fact, why do people even makes threads about them?

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nintendo's fans wet dreams

Lol @ Luigi's Mansion remake for Wii U.

tagging.. will see how accurate this leak is!

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I don't care what you say. There is Golden sun written in the OP, so i need it to be true.