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Forums - Website Topics - The Official VGC Tutorial Thread!

Platina said:
JEMC said:

Excellent thread!

Some years ago (end of 2012), trasharmdsister12 did a similar thread:

The Official VGChartz How-To Thread


But I'm sure most didn't even knew that thread existed.
btw, don't try to teach how to add color and font size as shown in that thread with Gilgamesh, it no longer works.

This was brought to our attention before, but seeing that it was unactive for such a long time, a new thread is always a good refresher

I'm not going to disagree.

Plus, yours is easier to follow and prettier .

Please excuse my bad English.

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Tutorial Updated: Added User Search, Mod Search and Forum Search!


                               Anime: Haruhi                                                                                                           Nsfw Anime Thread                                     

Wow this is awesome !!!

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Really loving this thread, keep up the good work Jizz

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Test :P

EDIT: Failed test

EDIT #2: Magically, it works now...

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Testing Twitter Tutorial!!!


                               Anime: Haruhi                                                                                                           Nsfw Anime Thread                                     

Tutorial Update: Twitter has been added!


                               Anime: Haruhi                                                                                                           Nsfw Anime Thread                                     

Excellent thread, good work. Already had to make use of it because I forgot how to post images on walls.


Tutorial Update: FAQ has been added!

More questions to be added soon..

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