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I always pronounced it Dee-Dee-Dee until my friend told me that is was Day-Day-Day. When I played the Japanese version, it said Day-Day-Day, so I'm sticking with that now.

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Dedede rules. And I've always pronounced it dee dee dee.

I'm lovin on some dedede as well. Olimar is hard to get a hang of and I'm trying to use him to get used to it, but I just had my ass handed to me like three times in a row in 1v1 using olimar. that little midget is weird to use. I'm trying classic mode with him now to try and get some strategies and get used to him in general. Then it's back online!

You can find me on facebook as Markus Van Rijn, if you friend me just mention you're from VGchartz and who you are here.

I pronounced it "deh deh deh" with a short e.......LOL this thread is mostly "How do you pronounce Dedede" I haven't tried him out yet, because I-I-I- DON'T HAVE BRAWL! *CRIES*


Isn't that the character that Carlos Mencia uses. He thinks Dee-Dee-Dee is funny or something....Can't stand that show though so I coudl be wrong. He thinks he is being edgy when he is perhaps the most PC comedian out there that says they are edgy.

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Parokki said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
I always pronounced it as "Dee-deed," with the 3rd E being silent, and the stress on the second syllable. No idea why.

My Japanese copy says "Day-day-day" and apparently the English one says "Dee-dee-dee." I don't know which one will stick on me.

The Japanese version still reads デデデ, right?

This really makes no sense at all. =/

Yeah it's デデデ. The narrator's in English, saying "SUCCESS" and "FAILURE" and pronounces the names all in English, like "Mr. Game & Watch" and whatnot, instead of any "Misutaa Gemu an wattcho" or anything. Day-day-day to dee-dee-dee seems to be the only different one. Oh wait, and of course, Jigglypuff is Purin, and I think that's it. @redspear, Yes you are correct. Carlos Mencia sucks ass.

I pronouce his name as dee dee dee.
The way Carlos Mencia says it.

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iclim4 said:
I pronouce his name as dee dee dee.
The way Carlos Mencia says it.

 thats how i kept saying it =)

TWRoO said:
I just pronounce it dede (as in sister of Dexter in Dexter's lab) because dedede is too much of a mouthful.

 Ha, me two. First off Dexter's lab was an awesome show, but that nonwithstandin, yea Deedeedee is just to long of a word. Oh and yea, he's an awesome character. I love how slow he swings his hammer, it just looks painful when it connects. Oh and his [running + A] move, where he just sort of trips and bodyslams you, is also a awesome looking/very powerful. 

I really couldn't imagine saying DeeDeeDee o_O


So I pronounce it like this: