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Proudly, I have never lost a console.

bet: lost

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Not yet anyways...hopefully never...

Haven't lost any consoles yet, though I have lost a few games.

Hadn't thought about it before but I have no idea where my dreamcast could be now.

Sold my original Game Boy and Sega Game Gear, have all the others though. Lucky though I played my brothers until I bought the PS1. Have gone back and bought an Intellivision, Nes, and SNES just so I could have the consoles I grew up playing. Just need to buy a Game Boy, regret selling that, not the Game Gear though.

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Never, fortunately. But I have lost many DS AC adapters.

: ( My NES... I couldn`t find it for some reason, and I would see it all the time too... I hope it`s somewhere in the attic at least...



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Yes. Someone gave me an SNES in pretty good shape as a child and I also got an N64 for Christmas once but never used it. Years later when I went back to my childhood home to get them back, possibly buy some games for both of them, they were both gone. Such a disappointment.

Yes. I lost my SEGA Mega Drive and Dreamcast, I've got no idea where they went. Maybe I lost them when we moved.

I also lost my Gamecube.

No, but I have lost 2 memory cards (One for PS2 and one for Gamecube).

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