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After my old friends and I recently reunited, they brought their old consoles after so many years. I was the only one who lost their old console. I had an Atomic Purple Gameboy color and a white gameboy advance that were accidentally thrown out. I still have nightmares which haunt me about that. It happened 10 years ago, but that recent strike of nostalgia makes me want to replace them. Anybody share my pain?


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I have lost my handhelds before, but never permanently.. always able to find them eventually!

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I haven't lost any yet... I'll lose random cords though..

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Yeaa! When I moved from my old house to my new one, we lost the n64 T_T but I had a GC at that time anyway


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Lost no, but throw away.
My very first one, my Master System I grew up

After some years with it my brothers accidently dropped grape juice on it.
It stopped working and my father didn't wanted to spend money to fix it.
It was already old, it was an used console my father bought when I was six.
Considering it's a third gen console and it was like 1999/2000... XS

Well, my mom throw it away when I was in my grandmother house someday.
She knew I wouldn't like that and would probably get it back xS

I still miss it, seriously, my dear little Master System

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I found he old gamecube recently thought that was long gone. I think I could find my SNES and N64 if I wanted to, probably in a box at my parent's house. NES is long gone. No idea where it went. GB Color I still have, but old yellow GB long gone.

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I haven't lost any handheld, but someone stole my 3DS with A Link Between Worlds inside... At least I had beaten the game, but, I lost all my savings.

No, but I lost quite a lot of game cartridges over the years.

Yeah, I think my one "friend" stole my PS2.
Other than that, I don't think so.

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Fortunately, no.