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I did a gaming review for my technical writing class this past Spring, so Ill send that in as my sample.


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I look forward to their being more sales writers. It will be great to have another person or two writing some more original sales articles. I don't have the time to write more original sales articles.

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Would be interesting to do this, but I am not capable of doing either part unless I practice first. Good luck to those who try out.

Ka-pi96 said:
Torillian said:

Deadlines include things like GotY articles which need to be written within a week or two of being assigned and game reviews which should be done within a month of the game's release unless there is some reason why not.  The review part of this is because we feel that a review much later than that will get hit hard in decreased views, and we are always having to choose between two or more prospective writers for popular games so if you don't write the review in a reasonable amount of time we probably should have assigned it to the other guys who wanted to write it.  

Thanks, that's a pretty good timeframe. What about quantity though? You say at most about a month for a review, is it just one review at a time though or multiple at once?

Ideal is to keep yourself to at least a review a month but I think you can go about 2 months without activity before we start to wonder if you've quit.  For months where you don't have any games you want to play you can always write up an article instead.  


Oh my God, this sounds so much fun. I really want to try this, but I've been on such a tight schedule these days... I'll think about it.

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Seems fun, good luck to everyone that applies.

Good luck everyone.

I would throw my application out there if I had the time... plus I don't have an 8th gen console just yet.

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Man, I love to write and this is something I've always been into, but I just don't think I'd be able to manage it with all the other stuff I've got going on--especially if it might not pay a lot for the hours put in. A few years ago I would have been all over this, especially for the great experience. Well, some other writers out there are going to really love doing it, so I wish them a ton of luck!

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I have a couple of questions, this seems like a fun opportunity. Currently I work as an insurance agent, but I have always wanted to do something on the side related to writing, whether that be serious writing, or writing just for fun. Gaming is a passion of mine, so this seems like a combination of both because each are in a different, yet very important section of my life.

So, the questions: First, what would be the requirement on the length of each article, and would they be submitted to an editor first, or just posted? Second, would there be any way for me to get my hands on more systems so that I could do more reviews? I don't have a ton of expendable money, and currently own just a Wii U, an XBox 360, and a 3DS, I would love to get an XBox One as well, but currently cannot afford one. Lastly, I would love to do either side, whether it be gaming reviews, or the financial side of things, but I am just wondering where we would get ahold of accurate financials, meaning would we have access to an exclusive site, or individual company financials, or would we just wait for NPD data? I know they are usually one of the first out there with the data, but just curious.

I love creative writing as well, would there be opportunities to work in satirical pieces, or short stories or anything like that? I'm sure I will have more questions later, but those are all I have for now :)

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