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get the new 3ds xl

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Super cheap but ugly and basically useless: 2DS

Middle priced but hard to find (discontinued): 3DS

Higher end price, still common: 3DS XL

Most expensive of them all but has extra features: new 3DS (XL)

For games, I'd recommend:
- Fire Emblem Awakening
- Pokemon XY /ORAS
- Smash 3DS
- Mario Land / NSMB 2
- Mario Kart 7
- Animal Crossing / Fantasy Life / Rune Factory 4
- Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Curtain Call)
- Etrian Odyssey 4 / Untold
- Zelda ALBW / OoT 3D / MM3D

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You have five options: 3DS, 3DSXL 2DS, New 3DS, New 3DS XL. New 3DS isn't available in the US.

2DS has the cheapest price new, cannot be closed and has no 3D. The downsides are big enough I don't own one, so that's all I can say about that.

The main difference between 3DS and 3DSXL (also between the two new models) is screen size. As the resolution stays the same pixels get bigger on the XL. Some people claim that this is ugly and prefer the regular 3DS for that reason, but sales suggest the majority prefers the bigger screens. You can decide which camp you're on.

New 3DS has some advanced features. The big things in my opinion are C-Stick (the extra-buttons don't get much use) and stable 3D.
Games I tried that work better with the C-Stick:
* Zelda Majora's Mask 3D (looking around with the second stick instead of switching between movving and looking is so much more convenient)
* Codename STEAM: Looking around again, otherwise you would do that with the touch-screen.
* Monster Hunter: Again, without that you would use the touch-screen for looking, with the stick you can put other function to the touch-screen.
Games that work better with the stable 3D: Ironfall Invasion, Kid Icarus Uprising, Zelda Moajoras Mask 3D. Here is fast movement the key. The New 3DS (for me at least) helps to better keep the 3D. Other games with great 3D like Fire Emblem still work great with the old 3DS.

The new 3DS (not the XL) has changeable plates at top and bottom and you can get styled ones to make it look different. Practically you can get your special edition this way.

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I own a standard 3DS, and I prefer it over the XL version. There's a few reasons why:

Since the 3DS screen resolution is fairly low, making it larger (without increasing resolution) is pointless in my opinion, since the fidelity stays the same. Also, since the standard version is smaller and lighter, it's more portable as well, it easily fits in my pockets. And lastly, I like the styling of the standard 3DS a bit better... I prefer the more square-ish edges.

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I would recommend N3DS XL if you are willing to spend the extra money. It has better controls for key games, the OS is faster, the 3D is better, and it will get some key exclusives like Xenoblade.

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Coming from another PS gamer, avoid the 2DS like the plague! Its fuuugly!

I dunno if they fixed the wobly hindges on the 3ds but get the New3DS. Has a second knob which is a billion times better than that ugly circle pad pro thing.

If u have a vita, get multiplats on the vita. If not, virtues last reward is a neat game, smt deamon sumoner 1 n 2, zelda oot, bravery default, etc!

Gonna get me a 3ds too to compliment my vita or even replace it completely depending on how much more middle fingers sony tjrows at vita only owners.

Take the New 3DS.

If you don't want to spend the extra money on a New 3DS XL, just get the original 3DS XL. The bigger screen is worth it.

I bought two used 3DSs (a standard 3DS and an XL later) and have had no problems. Just make sure the description sounds good, and if a stylus and SD card come included too, then cool.

You really should look into the new 3DS XL. The 3D is massively better and you will have a second analog nub.

Also, theres exclusive software (you really want to get Xenoblade Chronicles 3D) and just overall speedier performance due to the better processor.

My personal recommendation is to NOT get the XL. The 3DS's resolution is low, getting a bigger screen just makes things look worse. 3DS or 2DS. or, even better, New 3DS. Not XL.