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ils411 said:
Coming from another PS gamer, avoid the 2DS like the plague! Its fuuugly!

I dunno if they fixed the wobly hindges on the 3ds but get the New3DS. Has a second knob which is a billion times better than that ugly circle pad pro thing.

If u have a vita, get multiplats on the vita. If not, virtues last reward is a neat game, smt deamon sumoner 1 n 2, zelda oot, bravery default, etc!

Gonna get me a 3ds too to compliment my vita or even replace it completely depending on how much more middle fingers sony tjrows at vita only owners.

Yeah I'm getting one to compliment my Vita, something different to play. Thanks

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Soriku said:
If you don't want to spend the extra money on a New 3DS XL, just get the original 3DS XL. The bigger screen is worth it.

I bought two used 3DSs (a standard 3DS and an XL later) and have had no problems. Just make sure the description sounds good, and if a stylus and SD card come included too, then cool.


Thanks everyone