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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which franchise will win in Japan, Pokemon or Youkai Watch?

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Which franchise will win this gen in Japan?

Pokemon. 15 65.22%
Youkai Watch. 4 17.39%
Digimon will make a comeback for sure. 4 17.39%

Pokemon...there hasn't even been 3 games for the 3DS yet for Pokemon. They'll do one last Pokemon for 3DS and then move on to whatever Nintendo has next. Youkai will do really well, but there's only 2 Pokemon games out for the console now...not 3 like Youkai.

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Wyrdness said:
Pokemon eventually as I'm not convinced YW will stay as consistent, the former has been solid for almost 20 years now.

To dispute this Pokemon is only half as big as it was when it started and Youkai Watch has grown immensely =P

I'm guessing on Yokai Watch since they will probably continue to release multiple games per year

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I can only hope for Pokemon.

Probably Pokemon unless Youkai Watch just releases a shit ton more until the end of the 3DS' life, then it'll win by sheer quantity.

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Is it fair to compare three games sales total against the sales total of two games?
No in my opinion,so Pokemon have already won!:P

Here's the thing. Youkai Watch is very, very entrenched in particular Japanese cultural elements. So it will be strong so long as the youth of that country (cause Youkai Watch is pretty directly targeted at them) remains interested in those cultural elements. But that does tie YW's fate to the popularity of the things it has tied itself to.  If interest fades, a key aspect of the interest could also fade.  Pokémon, on the other hand, while still having cultural ties, has its own internal "culture" or mythos so to speak that can sort of stand on its own. This gives Pokémon a sort of independence that YW can't have, which is why Pokémon will almost certainly outpace YW consistently outside Japan. There are a lot of variables outside of this one to consider. However, I think the safe bet for the long run is Pokémon.

It looks like YW will release more games, with increasing popularity, so YW. More interesting will be if YW can keep this momentum into next gen.

Also: I want YW in europe!

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Youkai, the kids here are fucking crazy for it.
Pokemon, not so much, they just bought them because it was new.

With the recent explosion in merchandise too, yeah.. Youkai is the new pokemon.

Youkai Watch.