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Runa216 said:
Materia-Blade said:

Installed based won't matter much in this case. sales may be lower, but nowhere close to the installed base ratio.

"And DLC is where they made all their money" And...? you know that wii u can have dlc just like any console right?

There is no logical reason to skip wii u.

Nintendo console users tend to not have quite the same interest in DLC as PS and XB users.  we all know WiiU can have DLC, some of the best DLC is on that system (New Super Luigi U and MArio KArt 8 DLC), but DLC wasn't nearly as prolific on eShop as it was on PSN and XBL. 

And as for Samus over there, HAH!  I LAUGH AT YOUR IGNORANCE! "Oh, this game is cheap to make and shouldn't cost more than 10 bucks!"  

Licensing, bro.  Are you familiar with the term?  Like 3/4 of that game's budget goes towards getting the rights to each and every song they put on disc. When you're getting popular music by some of the world's most popular and successful artists, that shit isn't cheap.  Sure, we COULD all just play homemade songs like Guitar HEro's creator, and we can certainly get stuff that's all indie and therefore cheap, but who would buy that?  NOBODY!  

Just, damn. Seriously, Look up the Dunning-Kreuger Effect. The less you know about something, the more likely you are to believe in and perpetuate false information about it.  

Licensing fees is something you already paid for regardless if it came on the Wii U or not.

This game has no original content, so I would never buy something this lazy. This isn't a rhytm game either, you can play this game just fine without the sound turned on. You're just hitting buttons they're telling you to hit on screen. How fun.

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Materia-Blade said:
MikeRox said:

But the biggest selling point of this is access to your content from the previous generation. I think that's that part you're missing.

Then nintendo shouldn't make any mario/zelda/metroid/dk... for wii u, since it's retrocompatible and wii already have games of those franchises.

Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds? This is a new game. the wii games won't make any more money.

No, you completely miss the point. Sorry but most RB players have no access to their game without RB4. Wii U owners do. This is different to level design etc. The songs we want already exist. The means to launch them on our platform of choice (ps4 and xb1 noe being what, 75% of the market?) Does not.

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