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Forums - Politics Discussion - Feminist Aborts Baby Because It Was A Boy

A self proclaimed feminist aborted her baby boy because of ‘bad experiences with men’. Teaching her son to grow into a respectful human being must have been too much of a task for her to handle.

The blogger, known as Lena, blogged that she ‘cried when she realised what she was about to curse the world with’ before heading to an abortion clinic and having the foetus removed.

She went on to explain how the thought of bringing another ‘monster’ into the world sent her into mourning in the days leading up to the abortion.

As her pregnancy led into the fifth month, Lana had envisioned giving birth to a baby girl. That’s when the doctor told her she was having a boy. A meltdown ensued.

She said:

I was going to put a poll into the bottom of this article, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask any sort of viable question. Whether you are pro-choice or not, there is nothing that can even begin to justify this.

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That stupid bitch can go jump in a pit of fire! ^_^

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"If the curse returns" Yikes. This bitch needs help.

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I support this, though only because I don't think someone like that should be having any kids...

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This cant be real. I don't believe this story.

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Modern day Feminism is no longer about equality. That's what egalitarism is here for.
It's about treating men like scum, like all men are evil because of a few mysoginists.

Same reason why I oppose feminists coming into schools and telling the primary school kids aged 6 that they shouldn't harass women, and treat them equally. Making men feel from an early age that they are criminals, because they are being told not to 'harass' women, but are women being told not to harass men. Shouldn't we harass noone?


The kid got off light. He almost had this thing for a mom.

If it is true...
But I'm still OK with it. Abortion is a matter of choice, and every woman should have that choice, no matter how stupid she happens to be.

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you guys can guess what that means...

What a tool. People like this are the worst. I hope she doesn't have any kids cause her line needs to end here


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