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Forums - Politics Discussion - Feminist Aborts Baby Because It Was A Boy

estebxx said:
Mucha Gran Hija de Puta!.

you guys can guess what that means...

I can understand you perfectly

OT: Horrible news... She could have given the kid for adoption instead of aborting him... What a horrible spawn of satan she is.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

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RCTjunkie said:
This cant be real. I don't believe this story.

This has been happening for years, in the 90's (I think) there was a case were a woman after giving birth to a son (she didn't believe in abortion) killed the child and said in court she didn't want to bring another rapist in to the world and got off with a suspended sentence.

Edit and no the women didn't get pregnant through rape before anyone asks.

I'm going to see if I can find anything but early 90's non USA stuff is hard.

estebxx said:
Mucha Gran Hija de Puta!.

you guys can guess what that means...

Our languages are too close to each other I can understand it very well

Is that a joke site like the onion?

I'm pro-choice but LOL @ the blaming the "patriarchy", what does the father have to say about this? If she's really that scared of men why doesn't she just stay single or date a woman?

It's probably best that she doesn't have kids

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Wow, this is insane! She should be beaten until she can NEVER have another child! Doesn't deserve one when she aborts for NO logical reason. I mean if she was 16 and made a mistake and wasn't ready, or if this baby could have killed her (problems) I can understand, but aborting because its a boy instead of a girl? I hope this is just trolling and not real, otherwise I've lost all faith in 95% of humanity...

This is a misandrist claiming she's not one.

I'm 100% pro choice, but this is one of the worst reasons to abort a baby.

please be satire

Sickening *shakes head*

Imagine what it would be like being raised by a woman like that and you're male? Yikes. I hope that karma comes back hard on her.