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Roma said:
poklane said:
Roma said:
I wonder what will be sold next

Weren't there rumors about the mobile division?

I thought that was confirmed to be true

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binary solo said:
Nem said:

Thats what i mean. Its PR talk. Theres no such thing as several leaders of the same race. Theres only one. If you call the first ten the leaders when theres a market of 10 providers, they are all leaders. Its bla bla talk.

Actually there are such things as several leaders in a race. In particularly long distance races, such as cycling and marathon running. A breakway group of runners that are ahead of the main pack are the "lead group" There is no one leader, especially incycling because they al rotate the front position. In fact in cycling being the front rider in the leading group is bad, because you encounter the most wind resistance and hence get tired faster than the other riders.

So yes, in a "field" of 10 MMO providers you can have a group of 3 or 4 leading companies. They would have the biggest stable of games and have the most most popular MMOs on the market. Hence if Sony is one of those then they are a leader in MMOs.

Just because its PR does not make it BS or misleading or false bravado.

You are fooling yourself if you think they are in any kind of lead group. But, you are free to believe what you want.

RolStoppable said:
Fingers crossed that none of that trash comes to Nintendo platforms.

Amen to that.

naruball said:
POE said:
Well, they needed the money to pay the bils.

Source? Which bills are you referring to exactly? Sounds like you know something we don't.

I said it because they are in red numbers, and eed the money.

Sony's Gaming section is obviously profitable, but SOE within this section probably wasn't. It may have been a hard decision, but a necessary one for the survival of SOE and Sony.

Hold your horses dudes, it's not like they sold Naughty Dog. :)

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Rather unsettling news to be honest (although ive never thought those games were incredibly good).

Another downsizing/trimming the fat for Sony? Not a good sign.

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VitroBahllee said:
small44 said:

The article said that SOE is a leader in MMO why Sony accept to sell it?

Why does a junkie sell their valuable jewlery to droll on their own lap in an alley? They have no options.

LOL, u are pitiful.


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episteme said:

Said the butthurt developer who has been sold by its former owner!

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He's still making the same games with the same people. Not sure why he has to be "butt hurt". Maybe they will even have more of a budget to make those games now.

SCE did have direct control of SOE prior to the sell-off, so this news shouldn't be dismissed as irrelevant because SOE weren't as focused on PS4 as other first party developers.

From a business perspective the sell-off obviously makes sense for Sony.

SOE had the data leak in 2011 which was bad press for Sony and maybe they didn't or couldn't foresee making it secure enough to stop this happening again.

The Playstation fan base seem to prefer games that aren't online unlike XBox fans. (How many times have we seen Playstation fans saying they weren't interested if a game was online only?) XBox would seem a better fit for online.

Sony does need money. Maybe this is part of why they delayed their financials. At least we can see they are still in a position to invest in profitable sections.

This news is a bit of a shock, but probably more relevant because it is part of the Sony gaming empire and had Sony in the title, so it sounds like PS4 is losing more than it is. It could be more damaging from a consumer confidence perspective. Anyone with a PS4, or potentially considering buying one must feel a bit more worried about the future of Playstation this morning.