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Forums - Sales Discussion - January 2015 NPD Predictions, Results Are In Congrats Augen!

PS4: 240k
Xbox One: 190k
Wii U: 50k
3DS: 85k
PS Vita: 25k

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X1 160k
PS4 200k
Wii U 50k
3DS 100k
PSV 20k

[PS4] 230k
[XB1] 150k
[3DS] 60k
[WU] 70k
[PS3] 50k
[360] 40k
[PSV] 20k

PS4 > XOne

XOne + 360 > PS4 + PS3

WiiU = (PS3 + 360)/2

3DS > WiiU + PSV

running late, but still on time!!

[PS4] 230k
[XB1] 180k
[3DS] 55k
[WU] 68k

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PS4 223k
XBO 180k
Wii U 85k
3DS 80k

PS4 - 220k
Xbox One - 170k
Wii U - 59k
3DS - 67k
Vita - 24k

will add the rest in today you have 5 hrs or so, 11pm est. to make or edit your predictions please make new post if you edit or that you edited your original post


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Dang, so many got Wii U so close :O

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Damn, i see just NOW this thread!
Oh well...

My prediction was:
PS4: 225,000
XBO: 105,000
3DS: 75,000
Wii U: 68,000
Vita: 12,000