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What version of Windows do you have?

XP 20 5.54%
Vista 8 2.22%
7 177 49.03%
8 6 1.66%
8.1 114 31.58%
Other 14 3.88%
See Results 22 6.09%
RavenXtra said:
Using the Windows 10 Insider Preview on my laptop. Have Windows 8.1 on my desktop. 10 works great so far, though I never really had a problem with 8.1

A couple of questions. Im really interested in Win 10.

Would you consider it as an improvement over 8.1?

What do you think is the biggest change?


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7, because I find 8 and 8.1 to be horrible.

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SpokenTruth said:
Nettles said:

Kali is a linux distribution now?

Need to log that in my memory banks as i remember paying $20 for access to Kali gaming server back in the 90s lol.

Not the same thing, sorry.

The Kali linux distribution is a serious network security and penetration system. 


Walsufniur, Kali IS from the people behind Backtrack.   Think of Kali as Backtrack 6.  It's their latest project and goes way deeper than Backtrack ever did.

I know what Kali is, that's why I mentioned Backtrack :)

7 for desktop, 8.1 for 2-in-1 with touchscreen.

I think 8.1 actually works pretty well for touch screen devices, but I can't wait for 10.

Gaming PC = Windows 8.1
Arcade Machine/PC = Windows 7
Laptop = Windows 7
Server PC= Ubuntu 14.04

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I got Windows 7

Man, poor Vista.

Using 7, and trying out the Technical Preview for 10 in a virtual machine.

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