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Is XB1 a failure?

Yes! 615 40.51%
No! 711 46.84%
Gimme dem numbers! 68 4.48%
I pity Wii U :( 121 7.97%

Did this seriously get bumped again? For fuck's sake

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I hate when Msoft compare X360 and Xone first year sales. Everybody knows they had massive manufacturing issues with x360 and couldn,t produce them fast enough.So saying xbox one has done better than x360 on the market is just marketing bullcrap.

everything is about preferences
Xbox360 was best console I ever owned because it gave me gaming and a media center...I have played or owned most consoles starting back with an a gamer I give my money who best meets my needs and I bought Xbox one on day one and was seriously disappointed but it is starting to get apps I want and fill that media center need I wanted from one device as well as gaming...I have bought every playstation and realized with p3 and ps4 they collect dust so just resell them...Nintendo consoles I only want Zelda so wait until prices to drop 100 dollar range before I buy them...Xbox brand will always be a strong brand because of can be considered a failure if Microsoft ever chose to sell the brand...if it were like the zune I would agree but this thread is trolling at the best...which is why I rarely spend much time on most gaming sites they trolled by fanboys

It's by no means a failure. It's UI just sucks so bad to me. I think it's selling pretty good.

ReimTime said:
Did this seriously get bumped again? For fuck's sake

Exactly my thoughts. My answer is the same as it was in January.

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Poor souls just won't let this thread die lol

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cheryl said:
it seems can´t understand the opinion of some persons when says xbox one is a failure...
ok, i´m going to explain why it is...

exclusive games on xbox one from january 2015 to april.
screamride, state of decay.

exclusive games on ps4 from january 2015 to april.
guilty gear Xrd, akiba´s trip, the order 1886, arcade pinball 2, god eater 2, bloodborne, toukiden kiwami, giana sisters, MLB 15, omega quintet.

let´s see next months on xbox one.
may: 0
june: 0
july: 0
august: 0
september: fable legends
october: halo 5, forza 6
november: crackdown, tomb raider "during some time exclusive", scalebound,
december: 0

let´s see ps4:
may: the last tinker, arcania, final fantasy X HD, ultra street fighter 4, journey collection.
june: j- stars victory +, until dawn??
july: god of war 3 remaster, deception IV, raven´s cry,
august: one piece pirate 3
september: disgaea 5, tearaway, saint seiya.
october: onechambara z2, dragon quest heroes
november: ratchet and clank reboot.
dicember: 0

and that my friends, is the ugly truth!

The real ugly truth is using multiplatform games like Tearaway for exanple even though it's on PSvita as an arguement is such a failure.

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