Forums - Nintendo Discussion - WOW, that new trailer looked beautiful! XCX

From the first announcement back in jan 2013 i needed to play this game! Xcx looks great, the music that i heard so far is beautiful!

My most anticipated game of 2015, maybe of all time.

The new trailer showed numerous areas and it was beautiful! What can i say! I want it now!

Let's hype it up!

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True dat! God, I just can't wait to fly around on those mechs and fight monsters


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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
True dat! God, I just can't wait to fly around on those mechs and fight monsters

Im so hyped right now!! I cant contain it any longer!! That monster at 1.23! The jump at 1.40! The music!!! ARGHHHHH!!


I jizzed a little when the vocals started.

She's soooooooo good.

Well, this is new.


At least my eyes are prepared now.

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I still hate the first area of this game, but my jaw dropped at quite a few other moments in the trailer. Especially the very alien looking fauna and flora, that's what all the areas should've been like!

And some of the enemies looked incredible... 


God damn this year is like a year of open world beasts, Zelda, XCX, FFXV and MGSV.

It does indeed and I loved the music! I hope they hurry up and put out that song

Zelda team could learn a bit from the rock/mountain textures in this game

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Agreed! Those areas look AMAZING!



It looked like Xenoblade 1 on steroids, which is a huge compliment. It's everything I hoped for with the beautiful, exotic, colorful, magical zones. Like X1, it's the spirit of a classic SNES RPG brought to life on a modern console.