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I didn't hate any of those companies. Now i hate Microsoft because they're trying to change the game industry with DRM. WTH is wrong with games in dics?! I love to have my games, i love to know that i can touch them, I love telling myself "This game is awesome, i had great memories with this game" when i hold the disc in my hand.

Do you know why graves exist? They exist so we can visit our loved ones even when they're dead so we can relive the feelings that we had from them. Discs work exactly like graves.

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Hate? Nah.

Disappointment in Nintendo - they could be doing so much more. Misplaced pride and tradition are hindering their growth IMO.

Extreme deep-seated mistrust of Microsoft - I know these are all big companies with money making in mind, but MS comes off so damn corporate and fake.

Frustration with Sony - despite being the most savvy of the three in this market, they make some absolutely baffling decisions occassionally. I know they need money, but putting most online play for PS4 behind a paywall MS-style is dirty pool, even if it may have the net positive effect of exposing more people to PS+ indies.

Ezquimacore said:
Landguy said:
I hate threads that ask me to explain why I hate things.

OT : I don't hate companies, just certain products that don't do what the companies say they will...

well, the question is for everyone not just for you. but thanks for your participation :P

Only the answers that you like are accepted then? Obviously the original comment was a joke, that is why I did an OT.  

The point of asking is to accept that it will be answered.

It is near the end of the end....

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DarkRPGamer007 said:
I will list one positive and one negative for each
+Their games and their constant innovation in the market
-Their lack of support for the previous console after the next releases
+Online experience with the 360
-Everything about XB1
+Highly entertaining and affordable
-Pushes quality out of the way for graphics sometimes
+Great gaming experience

Agree with all of it except the MS negative

If I had to make a negative about MS it would be the overwhelming amount of FPS games on their consoles

Yeah I actually agree with that more than mine. Little innovation because everything is just shoot and kill


RIP Iwata 12/6/1959-7/11/2015

Thanks for all the great memories!

I hate "PC" because it isn't a company. :P

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MichaelH said:
Personally, I prefer Sony products. That doesn't mean I hate, or even dislike Microsoft or Nintendo. I even own a 360 and a wii. I think the wiiU and the XBoxOne are fine pieces of kit and I know some friends who get endless pleasure playing them. Good for them. The PS4 suits my taste in gaming. 


nah, agreeing to disagree would mean a general increase in maturity, intelligence, knowledge, etc.

people prefer to be ignorant, start conflict, troll others, or put down others to make themselves feel superirior

w̶e̶ ̶c̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶"̶l̶o̶s̶e̶r̶s̶"̶


EDIT: meh btw I enjoy games on Nintendo consoles the most but I also enjoy my PS systems a lot... Xbox games I don't really play that mcuh but that's mostly because of the UI/interface/MS's weird policies/not enough exclusives I care about (I can get multi-plats on the other 2 systems so yeah)


and PC is a whole 'nother deal (definitely not the best though, it has so many problems it's not even funny)

I dislike Nintendo because they won't let me play Mario on my PS4.

On a more serious note I heavily dislike Microsoft for all the DRM shit they tried to pull. It makes me very happy that Microsoft has never and probably will never be on top of this industry. I don't want to imagine all the horrible things they would do if they had control. As a company I feel like they're better off just reacting to what Sony and Nintendo do.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

I dislike Sony because of last gen, being told to get a second job to afford that expensive PS3 at the time and then it breaking down a year and a half later which effectively caused me to move to 360 for most of last gen.

Dislike MS for charging online last gen and causing Sony to feel they can do the same, along with their horrid DRM E3 event which also gave Sony a free swipe and stab (seriously just as annoying) at the stat of the 8th gen.

Dislike Nintendo at the time of the Wii because it felt very casual and hardly interested me which also gave rise to the Wii mote along with Sony and MS trying to cash in on gimmicks which also irked me.

Dislike PC at times due to hardware issues that can crop up from nowhere, how Valve are a basic monopoly and anyone that seems to try are either destined to fail or be lauded as evil.

All in all I'll always dislike the fanbses the most though, I dislike pretty much all of them from master race, Sony,MS and Nintendo, they do more damage in my eyes and cause such trivial petty things such as trying to one up one another each generation and it's always the same and gets proper stale (this gen is no different at all).

That said I still like products from different corps, I'm grabbing a Wii U before Q3 and probably an XB1 at some stage (when they price down again or have a bundle I want), I can't say anything about a PS4 though, I've not been interested and still felt annoyed at having my 3 die after having paid for such an expensive product, I'll still always love games like Crash and MediEvil but I'd rather wait to see old ones return than see copied formulas all over again.


I don't have anything against the big 3 (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo). I wish I could own all of their systems for this generation.