Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which game is bigger in the first quarter 2015, "The Order 1886" or "Bloodborne"?

Which game is bigger in the first quarter?

The Order 1886 will rock! 90 23.75%
Bloodborne of course! 126 33.25%
I play both games! I can not wait <3 105 27.70%
No idea. 24 6.33%
See results 24 6.33%
Yakuza Zero/Dragon Quest Heroes : P 10 2.64%

The Order: 1886 will, of course (sales wise). The game just appeals to a wider audience and seems to have great pre-orders. But I think Bloodporn will come close to it as I'm predicting 2.5m LT sales for it against 3m LT for The Order.

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Neither games are well known amongst the general population. I would assume that the game with more marketing (TV commercials) will sell better. The Order 1886 is made for more of a cinematic TV commercial.

LipeJJ said:
The Order: 1886 will, of course (sales wise).

you are very sure, right ? 

 well, lets see.. its exciting.

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Bloodborne sure.Blood borne will sell more than most people expect.The hype is just too big the previews are all positive,it has no competition on playstation and a lot of people are willing to buy a PS4 to play it..

Obviously I have to get both!