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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGC's GAMES OF THE YEAR! 2014

So 2014 is about over. Tell us your games you played this year that you loved and why? Make a video. Make a detailed post. Post a pic if ya want. Have fun with it!


We did ours


If the video is TL;DR then well only name our numbers one. Strider for me. Dragon Age for him


Lets see your GOTY's Ladies and Gents!

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Game of the year is Bloodborne. So good it wins 2014's GOTY.

Enough said.

Dark Souls 2! Maybe The Evil Within when I start playing it :P

Mine is Smash Bros cause its such an awesome and fun fighting game that I play it on a daily biases. There are tons of things to do and collect, the online is awesome for the most part, the custom stage building is epic and it includes over 400 sound tracks and there are many more reasons too!


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so damn hard to pick

Bayonetta 2
Mario Kart 8
Smash Bros
Dragon Age inquisition (seriously good)

I'd say Smash Bros

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I'd prob say Alien Isolation for me, but I havent finished Dragon Age or Shadow Of Mordor yet so.....

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Dragon Age Inquisition for me.

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Mine would be Infamous Second Son.

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TomShoe said:
Game of the year is Bloodborne. So good it wins 2014's GOTY.

Enough said.

You have not played it yet but by that logic then Xenoblade Wins and Ys wins.

Haven't even played all my games for this year. Winner is pending. Far Cry 4 is probably gonna be it. And a lot of good but not awesome game.

Still haven't played Bayo 2 though.

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