Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Has Zelda U set the new standard for grass in a video game?

so has it?

of course, dat grass is amazing 154 49.52%
maybe 41 13.18%
No! 92 29.58%
See Results 24 7.72%
ktay95 said:
Cant wait for Zelda U to be a massive let down because you cant cut all of the grass =P

Don't you say that dude! I need a game that will satisfy my grass cutting fetishes and this game looks to be the one!


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Totally. Its amazing.


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Grass is a huge priority for Zelda. If it was just phoned in the player wouldn't get any satisfaction from desecrating it.

Being serious, (this) Zelda hasn't set a standard for anything yet because it hasn't been released.

We all know that GTAV on PS4 is the god of grass.

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Pfft, Metal Gear Solid 3 still sets the bar ;)


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Its sooo beautiful. And those four other horses and how they are reacting when link approaches them.

Nintendo showing everyone what NextGen really means:

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ktay95 said:
Cant wait for Zelda U to be a massive let down because you cant cut all of the grass =P

I will try!!!

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Definitely in my top 5 video game grass list.

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I've seen way better grass

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I liked Uncharted's better, but Zelda's does look really good.