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I only played Uncharted 1 and 2.
Uncharted 1 was a good game, but a bit overhyped for me. (Based on what I heard before I played it.)
However, Uncharted 2 I think is a fantastic game. It improved on pretty much everything that needed improvements from the first game. I don't know how it holds up compared to the third game, but I some of my friends say they prefer Uncharted 2. All I know is that I thoroughly enjoyed it, so it would be a safe bet to play that one.

Another game you could check out is Yakuza 3.

Here's a gameplay trailer to give you an idea of what it's like:

It's a bit like GTA (but not much) in that you walk around in a city (well two different cities) and it's full of very detailed shops, as well as tons of mini games like playing arcade games, bowling, golf, pool, darts, casino, cage fighting tournaments, etc. But unlike GTA it's not completelty open world. There are also night clubs hosteses (who are based on real Japanese models/adult actresses) that you can court or date, etc.
But basically you play as Kiriyu Kazuma, a former head of the largest Yakuza group in Japan. (You can watch an extensive summary movie of the previous two games under Extras.) He now runs an orphanage on Okinawa, and the story revolving the orphanage and the kids was surprisingly nice.
One of the Yakuza series trademarks is the over the top battle system where Kiriyu can basically pick up anything and use it as a weapon, and you can dothese over the top finishing blows with them. Outside of the things he can use as a weapon, his own moves that you learn and unlock and level up as you keep playing are also pretty over the top with nice cinematics.
Dont know if thats the type of game you'd like, but you can check the trailer and see if it might be something for you. I looked at my save file, and it went over 130 hours apparently. There's lots to do in the game. Tons of interesting side quests and characters to meet in Kamurochu and Okinawa. (Kamurochu is modeled after a section of Tokyo.)

If you like JRPG's, you should look into Valkyria Chronicles.



Although it just released on PC I believe.
It has a very interesting battle system. Turn based mixed with real time strategy FPS.
Fantastic game.

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Definitely try Uncharted 2, the best game in the series IMO.