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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So Nintendo will pay you for making a really well done Lets play now

OfficerRaichu15 said:
HylianSwordsman said:
Source? Because that's really cool if true!

Holy shit! That's even better than Let's Plays! Do you realize what this means? Fan movies! Like the Legend of Zelda movie "The Hero of Time" a few years back that Nintendo forced a takedown of, or the Metroid fan movie project that Nintendo canceled the kickstarter for, "Metroid: Enemies Within" I think it was called. And who knows what else! Fan made projects for Nintendo stuff is going to start popping up everywhere, and the really good stuff will get endorsed! Just imagine if someone makes a really good fan movie and on top of being awesome, Nintendo puts it in theaters so more people can see it!

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Teeqoz said:

I know, I was just talking about that particular video (and "glitch-running" in general). I prefer "legit" speed-running.

I find that completely acceptable. I know people who can't stand glitched speedruns because they tend to consider them "cheating". As for me, I love both, so I have more to enjoy!

Dude, there's going to be a fan made Mother 4 released soon:

And now Nintendo won't even attack it, they might endorse it and it could get published! Just think of the possibilities!

There was a remake of Metroid II, Another Metroid 2 Remake:

Now imagine if it got endorsed by Nintendo, and officially licensed as a Metroid game? We'd have an official Metroid II remake! Games that deserve this kind of treatment that Nintendo just overlooks could get fan remakes and Nintendo could endorse them!

This is more just them backtracking on the "we own all revenue from videos made from our games" thing.

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Wright said:

I've honestly never found any enjoyement watching Let's Play videos, outside of seeing the first minutes of a game that hasn't released in order to get me hyped. (But a full walkthrough?! C'mon!).


I love speedruns, because the dude playing has to challenge himself into knowing every single secret the game can behold, and exploit it into his advantage. Watching a video of a dude beating Dark Souls 2 under 25 minutes is fun. Watching a Let's Play of about thirty hours of a dude dying over and over and being completely clueless is not.

Exactly... gaming is(should be ) about interactivity. If I get stuck I read a walktrough< I dont want a video to spoil the fun. And most of the presenters are childish and boring, with the sense of humor of a gorilla with a hammer :|

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Nintendo never claimed copyright on my videos, so I'm not sure how widespread this problem was in the first place.

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Good. we dont need "parasites" feeding of other peoples work. If you do create quality conent there is no reason why you should not get some piece of the cake for promoting the games.

Guys, this is only about NicoNico... It has nothing to do with fan-made games or movies.