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We're less than a week away from the release of the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. now and it is time to join the VGC Super Smash Bros. League. It will be hosted by myself and Smeags.

It'll be pretty much the same as the 3DS League as far as rules go: 

Super Smash Bros. League

  • Every player starts out with 100pts, you can join at any time.
  • You can challenge only people who are within 3 ranks of you (Ex. if you're in 5th place, you can issue a challenge to users ranks 2 to 4).
  • Once a challenge is issued, it must be retained for at least 24 hours (once that period has passed without an answer the player may choose to remove the challenge and challenge someone else)
  • You can have a maximum of 2 active challenges
    Challenges have to be accepted within 3 days (or else you'll suffer a 2 pts penalty).
  • Once the challenged user accepts, both players must battle within that 3 day period (plus a 24 hour extention). Any player who does not show up (whether it be the challenger or the challenged player) will suffer a 10 point deduction
  • Challenges must be made public in the League thread as well as accepted challenges and results of the match.
  • Matches will be a best of 3 rounds, 3 stocks, 8 minutes, no items.
  • The loser of the previous round may change character and will get to chose the next stage they will battle on (counterpick). The winner must keep the character he won with.


Rank Difference Win Loss
3 Higher +14 -1
2 Higher +12 -2
1 Higher +10 -4
Same +8 -6
1 Lower +6 -7
2 Lower +4 -8
3 Lower +2 -10


  • Everyone starts on equal footing
  • The points distribution favors activity/challenges since you can gain points quicker by challenging someone then by waiting for a challenge.
  • The lead the top player can amass isn't too big since he can only gain a maximum of 6 pts per challenge and can lose it pretty quickly but a dominant player is still rewarded for his exploits.
  • On the other end, lower ranked players don't lose pts too fast and can regain a few positions quickly with some wins.


- If you decide to join before launch, you will be expected to get the game at launch. "I don't have the game yet." won't be a valid excuse to turn down a challenge.
- Since everyone starts at 100pts, everyone will be able to challenge anyone at first but you can't issue more than two challenges at once.
- The League will officially start on November 22nd 
- I know the rules can sound complicated but Smeags and I will be the ones doing the number crunching, all you guys need to do is play, enjoy and prove you're the best there is.
- You can join, right now!

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Rank VGC Name Wii U Name NNID Points
1 Possum5454 Happy Lion HappyLionGames 132 pts
2 Einsam_Delphin Einsam_Delphin Einsam_Delphin 126 pts
3 tbone51 Tbone51 Tbone51 114 pts
4 Mike321 Mike AlphaMen 113 pts
5 Megaoverlord12 Megaoverlord12 Megaoverlord12 112 pts
6 padib padib happydolphin 108 pts
6 toot1231 toot1231 toot1231 108 pts
7 David_Hernandeez David David_Hernandeez 106 pts
7 mZuzek mZuzek mZuzek 106 pts
8 PixelPerfect Pixel Link1182 103 pts
9 axumblade Joey Axumblade 100 pts
9 ChrisCox Chris chriscox1121 100 pts
9 Dulfite Dulfite Dulfite 100 pts
9 FatedReality FatedReality FatedReality 100 pts
9 Flanneryaug Flanneryaug Flanneryaug 100 pts
9 jpng15 jpng15 jpng15 100 pts
9 Kingc0in King_Coin King_Coin 100 pts
9 ktay95 ktay95 ktay95 100 pts
9 O-D-C O-D-C14 O-D-C14 100 pts
9 Pachofilauri pachofilauri pachofilauri 100 pts
9 ParadoxPrototype ParadoxPrototype ParadoxPrototype 100 pts
9 pkmnMasterWheeler pmnMasterWheeler pmnMasterWheeler 100 pts
9 PrinceWaddle~Dee Prince Tbone51 100 pts
9 Riot of the Blood Azula192 Azula192 100 pts
9 Skidmore MagicalLight MagicalLight 100 pts
9 Smeags Smeags Smeags 100 pts
9 spurgeonryan ryguy spurgeonryan 100 pts
9 StarDoor StarDoor StarDoor 100 pts
9 Thechalkblock missingno5 missingno5 100 pts
9 ugg1020 Ugg1020 Ugg1020 100 pts
10 osed125 osed125 osed125 99 pts
10 TruckOSaurus Fred TruckOSaurus 99 pts
11 ConeGamer ConeGamer ConeGamer 96 pts
12 exblackman exblackman exblackman 94 pts
12 turtuls turtuls turtuls 94 pts
13 POE POE POE_001 93 pts
14 Slarvax Slarvax Slarvax 92 pts
14 Uddermode Uddermode Uddermode 92 pts
15 Stefl1504 Stefl1504 Stefl1504 86 pts

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Upcoming matches

Match Challenged on Accepted on To be played before
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Recent matches

Match Winner Score Winner points
January 26th
PixelPerfect vs. Megaoverlord12 Megaoverlord12 2-0 (Toon Link vs Ness/Shulk) + 2 pts
January 23rd
Mike321 vs. Einsam_Delphin Einsam_Delphin 2-1 (Rosalina vs Samus) + 10 pts
January 15th
toot1231 vs. ConeGamer toot1231 2-0 (Kirby vs Duck Hunt) + 6 pts
January 04th
PixelPerfect vs. Slarvax PixelPerfect 2-0 (Ness vs Ike/Zero Suit Samus) + 4 pts
January 02nd
TruckOSaurus vs. Megaoverlord12 Megaoverlord12 2-0 (Toon Link vs Peach/Zero Suit Samus) + 2 pts
December 30th
Megaoverlord12 vs. Slarvax Megaoverlord12 2-1 (Toon Link/Sonic vs Zero Suit Samus/Ness) + 8 pts
December 09th
Mike321 vs. padib Mike321 2-1 (Megaman/Lucina vs Mario) + 14 pts
December 08th
Stefl1504 vs. TruckOSaurus TruckOSaurus 2-0 (Peach vs Ganondorf/Robin) + 8 pts
padib vs. toot1231 padib 2-0 (Mario vs Metaknight) + 6 pts
December 05th
toot1231 vs. Stefl1504 toot1231 2-0 (Mario vs Link) + 10 pts
padib vs. David_Hernandeez padib 2-0 (Mario vs Game&Watch/Rosalina) + 14 pts
December 04th
David_Hernandeez vs. mZuzek David_Hernandeez 2-0 (Olimar vs Fox) + 10 pts
December 03rd
TruckOSaurus vs. Mike321 Mike321 2-0 (Samus vs Peach/Zero Suit Samus) + 8 pts
December 01st
Einsam_Delphin vs. Mike321 Einsam_Delphin 2-0 (Rosalina vs Samus/Pac-Man) + 4 pts
Possum5454 vs. Einsam_Delphin Possum5454 2-1 (Donkey Kong VS Rosalina/Pac-Man) + 6 pts

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I've got all my reserved posts now! Let's unlock this baby.

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Im in like you already know :0

My ID is Tbone51

This is the definitive League :D My ID: David_Hernandeez

Got my Lan Adapter this last week, boy will it be great to play some lagless Smash! Count me in.
NNID: mZuzek

Padib joins the fray!

NNID: happydolphin

Practice is over.

Let's do this.