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Forums - Sales Discussion - Amazon US Monthly bestsellers tracking thread November - Updated 29/11 - GTAV bundle in at 17

Xbox One #1 for December so far. Expected

Also #19 for 2014. Huge.

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Here is the November Console SKU Positions then:

#2 ACU
#11 PS4 BF
#31 PS4
#48 PS4 Destiny
#79 PS4 BF Family
#82 ACU Kinect
#100 COD


Arkaign said:
OttoniBastos said:

yeah i notice that too.They were pretty active this month don't you think?

Look at the top 100 of 2014 and there's some big clues in there.

Recent releases such as PS4 GTAV (the game, not the bundle) and AC:U are already there in the top 100 for 2014 section. Midway in there are the X1 Titanfall and X1 Kinect SKUs.

X1 AC bundle? Completely missing from the top 100.

What does this mean? That the past few weeks of the new X1 bundles have sold decently, but not NEARLY as much as some here seem to think.

And now that BF is actually here, what is on top? 


Spoiler : somewhere between a virtual tie for November to a slight win for PS4 (most sales for November happen BF to EOM, 60% or so IIRC), and comfortable PS4 victory for December.

Speaking too soon.

So the PS4 GTA 5 bundle back is available again from Amazon...for $419. Currently at 90#

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Bump thread.. coming by to serve crow to those doubting x1 this November.

Enjoy guys.

Praise the One.

Amazon proving yet again who wins NPD