Forums - Sony Discussion - What do you think Sony will specifically reveal in december?

Referring to this?

"Will Make Lot of Noise And People Rage, Be Prepared"

"...and rage".

Not overall povisitive and a hint to what it could (not) be.

Could be TLG for example. Why rage? Because it was officially annouced as PS3 title. After the "re-engineered" hint by Yoshida it's pretty obvious that it won't be released on a 9~ years old piece of hardware.

R* Agent? I don't think so. Too blurry, no one has ever seen anything of the game and can say that it is still in development. Whether existent or not, makes no difference.

Shenmue 3. Why rage? People would love (or hate in case they mess up, but that would come after the release) Sony for realising the final(?) chapter of a game that people long for so... long.

Multiplat gone Exclusive. Well, which franchise has the potential to engulf the internets big? Someone mentioned... DMC? Ninja Gaiden? Street Fighter? First to aren't valuable enough to make 'em exclusive. And i can't imagine a Street Fighter being only avaible on one system.

Hunting Season is done...

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Guerilla's new IP or a 3rd party exclusive game.

Could be multiple announcements as well.

Only one TLG mention???????

VGC is disappointing me.

Of course this whole even is about TLG. Isn't it obvious?

I think Sony will announce a major 3rd party exclusive and another one of their own.

  • Ready at Dawn (The Order: 1886) acquisition
  • Ratcher & Clank re-imagening reveal and release date
  • Uncharted Collection reveal
  • Beyond: Two Soulds PS4 edition reveal and release date
  • Horizon (Guerrilla Games Amsterdam) trailer
  • Agent (Rockstargames North) trailer, PS4 exclusive
  • Multiple indie games for both PS4 and Vita
  • Resogun Vita version reveal and release date

I'd be happy with this.

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Could it be?

poklane said:
Could it be?

Maybe, that's the "rage" announcement people were talking about earlier?

Fei-Hung said:
I was thinking about the exclusive game and here are my thoughts:

1) Devil May Cry 5
- Nintendo got Bayonetta and MS got Scalebound. I can see Crapcom giving Sony DMC5 for that as a joint project.

2) Onimusha - if not DMC5, then maybe Onimusha.

3) A Rockstar game which is still owed - I can imagine Rockstar willing to play ball with Sony this gen since they have come out strong unlike last gen. Whether this is a HD San Andreas, Red Dead or Agent is another story.

4) Titanfall Complete edition - rename it, re package it and release it in March. EA is capable of douching out and doing this.

5) Ninja Gaiden 4 - co developed with Sony Japan.

6) Shenmue 3 - most requested, much loved and it would destroy the internet if announced.

These two can actually happen.  I would kill for a new Onimusha game.

I want an RPG...
I'm not going to get an RPG.....

I expect Uncharted Collection 1080p, God of War, Media Molecule's new title, and one more.

It doesn't matter what they announce. It will either release in 2016