Forums - Sales Discussion - Your reasons for the PS4 winning this generation despite being the most powerful console.

They sell famous established 1st party franchises.

Gamers trust them because they've distanced themselves from the DRM.

Hardware reliability from last-gen in comparison with the 360.

Best price/power ratio.


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Captain_Tom said:
Aphelion said:
Burek said:
PS4 is better, more powerful, less expensive, more user-friendly, more gamer oriented, has better games of wider variety of genres, better performing games, does not treat its customers as criminals, respects even the smallest markets, doesn't nickel and dime its users at every corner....

When a sensible person does even a 3-minute research, it is the best choice by a wide margin.

A harsh yet so bang on explanation.  


A harsh reality many may never accept.

That's because most of those points are debatable especially the "has better games" comment.

With the PS brand it was inevitable they had the most powerful last gen and ended up coming close to winning, and would have if they hadn't alienated over 20 million PS2 owners who switched to xbox. So once Wii U failed to bottle lightning a second time all Sony needed to do was make a marginally more powerful console than Xbox and release it at a comparable price and the world was theirs. If MS hadn't made all those mistakes xb one would still be behind PS4 by a substantial amount, just not by as much as it is now.

I don't think Nintendo ever had a chance to repeat Wii's performance, because the vast majority of Wii buyers were never going to buy another console.

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Just the over all best console to get if you're a gamer. I know if I was on the 360 ship I would have been pissed for the last 3 years when SOny got a ton of games. Meanwhile all they got was Halo/Gears/Forza.

torok said:
Captain_Tom said:

I'm sorry, what's your point?  The OP said that the strongest usually loses.  The strongest doesn't usually lose, the most expensive one does.


However, the PS3 did narrowly beat the 360 while costing 50% more at launch.  Honestly if the PS4 was $400, and the X1 was $300 (Like it should be) then yeah things would be different, but I don't think the PS4 would be losing.  It would simply be a closer race.

It's kinda too late for a price drop to make a massive difference now though.  It is common knowledge that the PS4 is noticably more powerful and better supported, so why not just spend the extra $100 and get the better system.  That $100 buys people peace of mind at this point.

I'm agreeing with your initial point. The OP attributed losing the generation to having more power, while the problem is price. Well, putting the things in the 360 vs PS3 perspective, then maybe the PS4 would win anyway. But I think the 3RL problem damaged the 360. Until the Jasper units, buying the consoles was a lottery and that damaged a lot its image.

I mean yeah that's another reason.  I have one friend who had his break 7 times!!!  Yet he still defended it lol.

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Sony did with the ps4 what it should have done with the ps3.

1. They never disappoints  people with PS1, PS2, and even with PS3

2. They still one of the biggest electronic home entertainment in the Industry

3. Sony product is great with all the quality despite it's price

4. Their marketing and advertising division is still the best even compared to Microsoft.

5. When it comes to electronic entertainment, SONY and PlayStation brand is world famous brand, even my parent, my grand ma, know this.

6. There focus and market is clear and their message is easy to understand.

7. There diversity and the amount of games is absurd from Casual, Hardcore, indies, big budget, small budget, first party, second party, third party. Japan, western, European, Platformers, JRPG, RPG, Strategy, FPS, Adventure, Action etc.

8. Their costumer service is one of the best in the world, their PR movement is awesome, and they know what gamers want

9.They make console for gamers not PC, not cable box


10.Small factored console that easily can put vertically without power brick, and cool looking device like an alien artifact

11.The best console for price and performance ratio

12.Their first PS4 conference, E3 2013 is just perfect and execute well

13.They understand the weakness of their competitor and can exploited their competitor very well, is not just about other competitor failed but how can they   execute the plan based on other competitor

Agree or disagree that's my opinion based on my self observation of fact and theory from article on Internet, newspaper, magazine, TV news and personal experience.  :)

Prefect storm. Majority don't want to bother with Wii U. And MS fucked their image. The PS4 didn't cause hate. And the price was acceptable. They auto won. Since no other choice was available.

The whole "weakest console wins the generation" trend is more coincidence than anything, being the weakest console was never a selling point; you have to look at the extenuating circumstances to understand the results. The original playstation, while much weaker than n64, had an overwhelming library of games thanks to a more open policy regarding third parties and really forcing the industry to move to disc from cartridge, which made for a substantially cheaper alternative to nintendo's offerings at the time.

PS2 carried the popularity of the first playstation and was many people's first dvd player. However, though ps2 was the weakest of the sixth gen, there was no huge difference between the three consoles.

Last gen the wii captured the imagination of millions with motion controls and sony alienated a ton of people with its strange architecture, ridiculously high price of entry and flippant attitude towards its customers. Without the motion controls the wii would have sold a fraction of what it managed and the 360 would likely have taken the gen and it wasn't that much weaker than the ps3.

This gen nintendo lost a lot of its product awareness since the wii more or less pulled out of the competition a couple years early leaving the market to microsoft and sony nigh unchecked. I can't say this for certain, but it feels as though nintendo thought they could dictate where the market goes given the wii's success (much like what happened with the n64), which has proved spurious as microsoft and sony took it in a different direction leaving nintendo further behind than they may have expected this gen, not to mention its pricepoint isn't that much more desirable compared to the ps4's at this point. And microsoft this gen pulled a ps3 with their pr, and price of entry for a weaker machine.

It's not the X1/Wii U.

Yes, I do believe those 2 consoles still have a very "toxic" aura surrounding them to this day, and the PS4 coupled with good word of mouth as well as good marketing simply made it the better choice in the mind of your average consumer.

Plus "Playstation" as a brand is much bigger than the "Wii" brand or "Xbox" brand WW.

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