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I think there's no doubt it's coming.

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some worker must have print this label out... or maybe it was you.....?????


i rather a HD remake like that fan made video.

But nintendo ignores fans so...



I definitely think it'll be a 3DS remake when it comes (as much as I'd prefer that beautiful HD version), simply because I think Nintendo would be loath to have 2 remakes in a row on the Wii U.

Part of me wonders if we met get a Direct to accompany GamesCom. Sony are doing a press conference; Nintendo may take advantage of the event to make their own announcements. (I doubt it though, I reckon end of August is more likely)

now... why would a store make a label before an announcement. It's a mistake

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Why did you ignore the second image?

KHlover said:

Why did you ignore the second image?

none on hand.... it's already sold out!!!

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

I hope they announce it on a later direct this year. Would be fantastic to play it again with good graphics and controls.

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