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I've had this preference for Asian women for sometime, perhaps it has driven me insane but I want to marry an Asian woman. Settling down in the far-reaches of the Orient (perhaps in Japan) would be ideal with starting afresh in life. Maybe I've grown to think that where I live has just become quotidian and I need to travel to places I'd only have dreamt of seeing. But still, I'm set in my ways of marrying an Asian woman.

Should I detract from this fantasy and get on with my life? 

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Save up and move. Why quit your dreams. Just dont look back.

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Ah, so this explains the random "are you a virgin" thread bump.

Not much that can be said, however, especially from a guy who hasn't been on a date in almost four years. The prime thing at any stage of your life is to have your priorities in order, and in your case, you would want to pursue education and/or employment opportunities that could take you to Japan.

Have a Bachelor's degree? You can try getting an ESL-teaching job. Just be careful, there are about 3 respectable outfits in Japan and a whole galaxy of shitty ones. Korea is easier to get into and usually more on the up-and-up. China is yet easier, though, of course, its China.

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In China, white males are luxury items. Thinks of yourself as a brandname handbag, if you decided to go there.

live the dream brother.

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ive been saying that i want to marry an asian woman for years. i ended up marrying a mexican. i have
been studying japanese for years and we watch japanese dramas together and are going to move to japan so i guess that its close enough

You could always try Thailand, shouldn't be hard to find a wife there, plenty of other people do it.

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asian woman just don't do it for me. To each there own bro.

If you do mail order you don't need to move.

Kidding; don't do mail order. On a more serious note, I don't see why you shouldn't try. But if you move I think it would be really beneficial to be fluent in the native language. I expect that would make things easier.

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