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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So the 3DS has a better chance of hitting 100 milli then the PS4.

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3DS should be around it's peak right now and costs less than half of what PS4 does. Neither will reach 100 million

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hmm... no

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Why did you repost the exact same thread again after it got locked? Did you get permission for this from somewhere? If so you should put it in the OP.


Post it again without permission and you'll be on a timeout.


The 3ds won't be out long enough. I don't think any of them will hit 100m, but the ps4 will be closer as it will have a much longer life. The 3DS will end in 2016 and sell about 65m. The PS4 will end in 2020 or later and sell about 90m.

It depends. If we ignore history and forget how 3ds wasn't doing all that great for some time after the initial hype was gone and after a certain period of no big games released on it (exactly the same as ps4 now), and we also ignore that these VGC numbers are estimates which are sometimes quite wrong with the need of massive adjustments, then yes you have a point.

If we do take these points into account, then probably not.

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Replace the "100" with "75" and you will have yourself a decent thread.