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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So the 3DS has a better chance of hitting 100 milli then the PS4.

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(June 14, 2K14)










(June 21, 2K14)



(June 28, 2K14)

PS4: 104,000

3DS: 100,000

(July 5, 2K14)

36,403 50,875 27,275 126,388

41,877 37,966 7,590 98,406

42,690 15,015 N/A 63,521

28,784 19,839 8,917 62,668

8,154 23,275 7,732 48,402

3,150 5,348 21,037 35,497

16,467 12,792 166 33,664

495 4,582 1,028 7,610

2,923 3,593 140 7,363

The PS4 has already dropped a lot in weekly sales with less then 1 year on the market, and the system sellers won't come out til during 2015, like Uncharted 4 for example. The 3DS is outselling the PS4 every week after 3 years on the market.

So what do you make of the current predicament?
And what do you think will happen with the next major price cut for the 3DS later this year, plus the bigger library, like King of Pirates & Rodea: the Sky Soldier & Super Smash Bros. Four 3DS & Persona Q & Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney & Yo-Kai Watch & etc.?


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No. But if you are so sure, I will take a bet that PS4 will pass 100M and the 3DS won't.

Two things to considered:

1. Price cut. With Xbox 360 and ps3, the majority of the sales came when they hit the $300 Price.
2. System sellers. 3ds system sellers have been released already, ps4 doesn't.

Lol 3DS hit 100mil, is that a joke. Never has a Nintendo handheld sold better in Japan than NA or EU. 3ds is doing both of those things and that's not a good sign, that's the sign of the death of handheld gaming in the west. Kinda sad that handhelds are finally selling better in Japan than the west and yet mobile gaming, the thing hurting handhelds so much is biggest in Japan.
Anyway for 3DS to even beat GBA it will have to have a long life, one which would probably be better off not being flagged on.

Man did i travel in time or something? :o
I swear you made the same thread yesterday already!

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Both systems won't hit 100,000,000

As for the PS4 no home console has come.out of the blocks so fast. It's still selling amazingly well and its yet to hit its golden years where it sells amazingly. Plus it's a Sony console so sales will just keep on coming well after you thought it was dead.

3DS will sell over 100M if Nintendo keeps the heavy hitter games coming, so far the 3DS has (coming West this year) Fantasy Life, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, Super Smash Bros 3D, Story of Seasons, "Harvest Moon":The Lost Valley, Persona Q, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Remake and probably a lot of other titles I may be forgetting, so the 3DS will have a very strong Q3/4 finish this year, 2015 atm looks a bit barren for the 3DS but I am sure Nintendo has a lot of projects in t he works for them.

"I think it will be the HDS"-Me in regards to Nintendo's next handheld.

What the heck do you expect to happen with this thread after what happened to the last?

Of course PS4 weekly sales have dropped a lot, it happens to every single console on its first full year. At the moment it seems 3DS has no chance of 100m as its dropping badly in its 3rd year which is usually a peak.