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Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: Will XB1 outsell PS4 on 9-4-14, WW?



Yes, by a lot of units! 24 10.81%
Hard to tell, a technical tie maybe? 32 14.41%
No. XB1 won't have effec... 165 74.32%

Probably the best chance XBo will have at outselling PS4 for a week, wordwide, in near future is when it releases in Japan. 


Do you think that feat can be achieved or XBo will have the throne halted again & again until something major like halo compilation releases?


Share your predictions...

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...
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It won't even outsell it in Japan.

It could have a chance because I also believe that it launches in a lot of other countries. Depends how well the new price tagged X1 is doing now and how big the gap is between the X1 and PS4.

EDIT: But I do think it has a better chance with the launch of a Halo game.

It'll be more than just Japan right? 25 other countries too. They may not affect weekly by much when sales die down after the holidays, but that first week launch will have big numbers. Also the Destiny PS4 doesn't come out until the week after, so I do believe Xbox One can be on top for the week of September 6th.

Is that week only the japanese release or all the 25 countries? If it's all countries then it should do it. Will be destroyed by the PS4 the week after that though, thanks to Destiny.

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jlmurph2 said:
It'll be more than just Japan right? 25 other countries too. 

Yes, but those countries are where console sales aren't really that big I think or where Sony is too popular. But every console counts, so yeah.

My point is, XB1 is pre-selling at a good rate in Japan. If it manages to sell like 80-100k, most likely outselling PS4 that week.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...

If it doesn't outsell the PS4 in the weeks it releases in more markets, they're fucked.

Yes because that will be a lull week for PS4 anyway with the Destiny bundle coming the next week.

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Would be pretty embarrasing if it didn't.

No i predict only 30k xbox one first week in Japan

PS4 - over 100 millions let's say 120m
Xbox One - 70m
Wii U - 25m

Vita - 15m if it will not get Final Fantasy Kingdoms Heart and Monster Hunter 20m otherwise
3DS - 80m