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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumour: The Division's Graphics Downgraded for Console Parity

I dont even know where to begin with how angry i am with the lack of respect for the consumer.

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Bottom line is, every hot new game is shown off on a SUPER POWERFUL COMPUTER. But, when it comes time to sell that game, 90% of the people you are trying to sell that game to, don't have a powerful enough system to handle graphics at that level, in a stable way. Even a massive chunk of the PC gamer population doesn't have a good enough PC to run the graphics that were shown at the reveal.

Sure, some of what he is saying is true about wanting to achieve parity between versions of the game. But to say that the average PC could output graphics like the reveal of Division, are a lie. And don't let the devs or the publishers fool you. They want to put a game out that EVERYONE will buy, not just the highest end PC users at 1% of the market.

Dev's have ALWAYS been able to create graphics so good, that even the best PC couldn't handle it. The problem comes in the way of these reveals. Showing the public something so beautiful that they know won't be the final product. That's how you know we're in an age of gaming where it's all about the pixels, not the gameplay.

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They showoff these games on PC to build hype and get people to be awed by the graphics, but then downgrade them come selling time.
Advertising strikes again.

inb4 Batman graphics downgraded.

Doesn't make sense, really. Console gamers don't expect the same visual fidelity as PC. Maybe a few crazy ones but that's it. The PC version being better visually is a non-issue.

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These systems are just weak pc's, so why don't they just do what they do on pc, make the best look the best, then dumb it down for the consoles. No need to trick console owners into thinking the consoles are on the same level of power as a pc. They never have been, and didn't start now, so why try to make people believe consoles are anything more than a low/mid tier pc? Give me a break.

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At first I didn't delve into this latest uproar against Ubisoft, now that I know I can only say it's just the usual and unsurprising Ubicrap.

Edit: not supporting really extreme and not thoroughly tested settings on PC would be fine and reasonable, but PC supports a wide range of settings, so artificially and unnecessarily downgrading already tested maximum ones is neither fair nor acceptable.

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So they think consumers are so dumb that they dont understand a 1.000+ USD gaming PC can be more powerful than a 500 USD console?

Thank you Ubisoft for insulting us all.

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