Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony's E3 show seemed to be what some people hate about MS.

Sony had tv as a subject, not the main focus. That's the difference. LittleBigPlanet3, Bloodborne. Sudas game. Uncharted, Grim Fandango, lots of great stuff. In my opinion they won.

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I was pretty disappointed with Sony's press conference, as someone who bought a PS4 at launch. They have the best range of first-party studios out of all three platform holders, and yet they had nothing to show. The Order 1886, Bloodborne and LBP3 were all fantastic, and then Uncharted 4 at the end, but that needed MUCH more than just a vague teaser. Where were Santa Monica? Sony Bend? Guerrilla? Quantic Dream? LBP3 wasn't even confirmed to be a Media Molecule game, so if it's not, where were they?

The vast majority of the show was multi-platform games, they spent 10 minutes on a TV show that didn't even have a trailer prepared, they once again chatted at length about the Vita without announcing a single real game for it, and they spent far too long talking about indie games, again.

They may've launched the PS4 on the right ideals, but I think they've already lost the plot. Microsoft nailed it with their exclusive games; Fable Legends, Crackdown 3, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizons 2, The Master Chief Collection, Scalebound and more, hell, that's not even including Quantum Break which will be shown off more at Gamescom. I trust Sony enough to know they'll always provide the best exclusives in the end, but they're definitely off to a bad start right now.

Zekkyou said:
If we exclusive that mind numbing section with Jack's replacement it was a pretty great show. Lots of exclusive content, lots of new exclusive announcements, the usual indie love and some big 3rd party titles.

Why oh why did Sony put that section in...

The time wasted on talking about television shows could've been used for talking about the Vita and its upcoming/new games. I was quite pissed that Sony wasted a valuable 20 minutes on something so trivial.

MS won it for me just with Horizon 2 but overall it wasn't much better then Sony's.

100% agree. MS won this one. I have to admit that Ubisoft almost won it because of Rainbow Six :) This game means a lot to an old Xbox gamer :)

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The Order, let it die, entwined, Grim fandango, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, LBP3

it's not even a contest.

Nah, it wwas exactly like Sony's last year conference... well, not nearly as bad presentation wise...

MS is better at these things, I have a PS4 and this is obvious to me.

Now, Sony's presentation was going well, until the Sony NA CEO took the stage and started blabbling about some f2p games and other coprorate BS nobody wants to know about outside tbe board room...while nothing was going on on the screen... I almost fell asleep!

Then the TV series guy, I don't want my PS+ membership to be sed to pay for some stupid "gamer" TV show, I want games... if I want TV shows I'll get NEtflix (oh I have netflix... then just shut up with the exclusive TV shows).

I would have liked more Uncharted 4 and ... would have liked bloodborne to be released this year... Farcry 4 maybe?

But one thing is great, all these games looked amazing, much better than their XB1 equivalent... There is a reason why Sony keep hammering home that the multi-platform are better on their machine...

There is nothing remotely close to Uncharted 4, The Order, Bloodborne and maybe even the The Last of Us remake on XB1! they all just look so real!

Fusioncode said:
LittleBigPlanet 3
Uncharted 4

Sony won for me. No question.

This^ it was no competition.

I would say the stream didn't help.... it ruined a lot of the experience for me.

TV stuff.. why oh why. That Sony america guy... please don't let him on stage again.

I think in terms of games Sony's was way more interesting, ruined by the TV Powers thing and that usa guy waffling on for way too long.

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Imaginedvl said:
100% agree. MS won this one. I have to admit that Ubisoft almost won it because of Rainbow Six :) This game means a lot to an old Xbox gamer :)

Sony easily won, more gameplay, ms showed 20, Sony 19, buy sony had more exclusives less multiplats, likie Sudas game, Bloodborne, LBP3, Uc4