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hihihi said:
Hi fkusumot

 hihihi !!!

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--OkeyDokey-- said:
Is there anyone here who doesn't have Kirby007 and Soriku in their friends list?

i dont have kirby007.... im not good enough

Hello ioi!

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Hi BLOODLINEZ !!!!! i was really new here and thought ... nobody wants to be my friend =( ... and then i commented on Bloodlinez's cool Skeletor avatar, and then he send me a friends request =)

thanks again BLOODLINEZ

ooh ... and i don't have kirby007 neither soriku as friends =)

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Hello Weezy

I was so young and naive =)

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Hiho DarkNight_DS !!

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I deleted Soriku from mine months back, and you can't add back a deleted friend.

Hi DonWii!

Soriku's my only friend. Soriku's popular. I'm popular, aren't I?.... Aren't I?!?!

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