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Hi elgefe02

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Hello --OkeyDokey--.

Hi ioi!!! He was my first vgc friend.

My first friend on here was Ant.. he only logged in and posted a few times but he seemed like a very spiffy fellow.

The first person I sent a friends request to was fkusumot.. because he has similar opinions to me on every topic we've discussed.


hi to my friend fjwarez

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Neos said:
--OkeyDokey-- said:
Is there anyone here who doesn't have Kirby007 and Soriku in their friends list?


 I have all kirby accounts as friends... lol

SSBB FC: 5155 2671 4071 elgefe02: "VGChartz's Resident Raving Rabbit"   MKWii:5155-3729-0989

hey Weezy!

well hey there --OkeyDokey-- and pichu_pichu what is going on??

rofl @ you elgefe02 =)

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Hi there Kirby 007

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hi soriku, when you added me I had no idea you were popular on this site.

I have never added anyone, All my friends add me. I will continue with this method untill every Vgchartz member has added me.


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