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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ubisoft Is The Best Publisher Right Now

I got nothing against them, but those games don't exactly win me over, except for south park (brilliant game) and watch dogs. They're ok in my book.

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In my eyes, they're one of the worst publishers with their uPlay DRM and online passes (not entirely sure if they still use online passes, though). Makes it kinda hard to play their games when I don't want to support their bad practices.

there not the best publisher. rockstar/take two can solve that problem with one game/end thread.

oldschoolfool said:
there not the best publisher. rockstar/take two can solve that problem with one game/end thread.

Yeah but in the time it takes them to release that one game everyone else has made like 50 games.

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They seem to be the only publisher willing to bet on new IPs. I don't care for all of those games on that list, but I like enough of them to agree with your statement.

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badgenome said:
ghettoglamour said:

I don't know why it gets so much hate lately, but if you're a PS3/PS4/360/XB1 owner

Well, they did offer the best version of Rayman Legends!

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Agreed in terms of 3rd party. I will say though that the visual lies about watch dogs has left a bad taste in my mouth. If the same thing happend with the division i am ready to change my mind about them

I disagree. EA is the best third party publisher, imo. Ubisoft has been on a roll the last two years with a few good games but EA was on a roll all last gen and they've got some great looking titles on the way for the current gen.

Implying assassin's creed is a series of games and not interactive movies. Same goes for South Park.

Rayman last games were good but Legends flopped.

Ubisoft has published and/or developed a lot of great games, no doubt. I'm especially fond of the work done by Montpellier.

However, I would still place Nintendo and Take-Two ahead of Ubisoft.