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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 178 Days Since Release, DICE Confirms Battlefield 4 Still Broken

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Yes, it have potential to be huge.
Yes, it is better than Battlefield 3.

But I never saw a game with so many issues released in the market... it was close to ridiculous... and DICE finally accepted that.

It has been 178 days since Battlefield 4 was first released. Today, DICE confirms that the title is still not operating as intended, though fixes are being implemented.

The current issue under investigation and repair is the ongoing problem with “rubber banding.” This presents as slow or stalled movement followed by rapidly “catching up” with where your character would be if accurately reflected on screen.

DICE has installed what it is calling a “high-performance server solution” that should improve performance. Studio vice president and general manager Karl Magnus Troeddson says that performance in 64-player matches is improving.

[Source: Battlefield]

Our Take
The new problems with rubber banding were introduced after the release of paid DLC (Naval Strike). The problem isn’t completely fixed, as Troeddson says that things are improving rather than indicating that they are fixed. Battlefield 4 has been a catastrophe. The brand is damaged, and consumer faith in DICE is shaken. EA needs to do better.

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They should of went with less players if they can't make 64 work.

EA continues to amaze me how to how little they care about their consumers... A lot of these issues should have been fixed before the game was released


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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
EA continues to amaze me how to how little they care about their consumers... A lot of these issues should have been fixed before the game was released

But the genius thing is that people will buy the next installment, hoping that those issues are fixed by then. It's win-win for EA only. Less money spent on development of Battlefield 4 and more profit for the next Battlefield.

They should have just called it, The Elder Scrolls: Battlefield 3

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The main problem is the hard freezing, there are some maps/modes that are a 100% sure freeze, others it is just very likely you will freeze.


haent played in a week but that lag really does get to you after a while, and some of the bugs... I cant play a night without falling into the ground at some point, and i routinely get headshots that arent recorded (sniper shots, get the blood splatter and everything, but it doesnt register somehow.. )

so much potential..

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So is Battlefield 4 the Sonic 06 of this gen?

this game had so much potential :(

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That's what happens when you focus on DLC before even the game is released