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Forums - Sales Discussion - NPD December numbers

Wow Viva Pinata doubled november numbers. It might have good legs. Okami s doing ok, thats nice. And I guess we won't see Yakuza 2 in US

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Would it be possible to get the Dec numbers for GRAW (X360) Oblivion/Oblivion CE (X360) Condemned (X360) Dead Rising (X360) Splinter Cell DA/SCDA CE (X360) COD2 (X360) Or just the majority of X360 game numbers for December. lol

What about Metroid Prime: Hunters?

Signed up just to bring something up that a lot of people are ignoring regarding the Wii numbers. The low numbers are quite possible, the way the Wii is being sold. Store chains have been holding back stock in order to have large numbers on special "release" days like this past Sunday. I believe the last large release was about 2 weeks before Christmas and many stores did not restock the shelves with the Wii consoles shipped. They sat in their storage to collect dust and build up supply for the next release day. You've got a chain like Best Buy where many stores claim they haven't had any consoles since the original release and suddenly these stores have 100+ to sell this past Sunday? I don't believe for a moment a huge electronics store like Best Buy is getting fewer shipments than a smaller chain like Circuit City. Yes, some stores aren't holding back stock, but there are enough that do to fluxuate large numbers between shipped and sold at any given time.

To cash in my CC rewards points for $300 in Circuit City gift cards to purchase a 360 or not: That is the question.

Yeah, that's very possible - although don't the large sales dates coincide with more shipments usually? Are stores holding units back?