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When i was 14 i got a job at KFC. Lol.... it was shitty money... but hey... money is money i guess

At my current job i get 26 an hour :D

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weezy said:
@ 4. there is weed that goes for $75 a 1/8 here in socal..its what we would call "the best weed in the world"

 This Miami weed would probably give socal weed a run for its money. =P 


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You should come to Holland if you wanna get some weed.

As for the money bit, Ebay.

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Step 1: Get up.
Step 2: Go to work
Step 3: Work for the money

twesterm said:
Step 1: Get up.
Step 2: Go to work
Step 3: Work for the money
Sorry all 14 year olds don't have a quite a simple, cut and dry lifestyle as you, twesterm. We aren't all born with jobs. 


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