Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo announced Virtual Reality for WiiU @GDC !!!

Awesome :D

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I'd love to see a third part peripheral manufacture make that a reality.

This made me laugh. Thank you!

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Funny as hell deffo galaki/weezy lvl

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bananaking21 said:
Slade6alpha said:
wtf? The gamepad displays at 480p?
Could have sworn it was 720p, where have I been?

its harder to see a difference in res on a screen that small. its why i believe smartphones that use 1080p screens are full of shit. res starts to matter and be noticable more when it comes to screens that are around 15" or so. well, i never really focused on tablets so not so sure about 9" screens or so. 

Distance is a factor too remember, you hold a phone a lot closer than you sit from a TV. I'm certainly not a resolution whore (only just got our first 1080p TV due to our old one breaking) but on something like a phone where I am browsing/reading rather than watching I think resolution matters....A phone screen might be held only 30-40cm away from your face, so it's a similar angular size to a TV. Tablets and computer screens have a much larger angular size than both, so they need even higher resolutions to be similarly sharp.

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I'm disappointed. I was expecting some sort of Virtual Boy troll thread....Rol would have done better

A better value than the Virtual Boy? That remains to be seen.

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RolStoppable said:
Thank god this was a joke.

WiiU performance is close to that of Virtual Boy.

Teh future is nar

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