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It comes out next week I think, I'm wondering what you think it will sell retail for now snce we won't know the whole sales including digital sales for some time, across the four consoles it's going to be on.

I still think it was a greedy mistake to split it from MGSV and it may cost them in sales I don't see that many people paying so much money for 2 hours worth of game.

Can it sell 1.5 million copies?

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over 1.5 million copies including downloads

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MGS Ground Zeroes will sell consoles.

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I think it will sell well, I played it and its a fun game, just incredibly short, and the auto-aim is a bit op now that I think of it but nothing really game breaking


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It's MGS which sells by name alone, sooo.... 2 million?

The again by the law of this site cheaper things always sell better because they are cheaper than others. So probably closer to 4 million.

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Tough call, 4-5 life time with digital sales.

Even if people are opposed to getting it now, they might after price cuts.

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I'm getting it digitally..

I'm thinking 2 million lifetime including digital.

FW probably would be no more than 350k combined on all platforms. Doubt it would do a million lifetime.

I'm guessing 1.5 million across all platforms. Most people will wait for The Phantom Pain.

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