Forums - Sales Discussion - Do you think that PS4 could reach 10m before X1 reaches 5m WW?

Will PS4 reach 10m before X1 reaches 5m world wide sales?

PS4 reaches 10m before X1 reaches 5m 114 32.02%
X1 reaches 5m before PS4 reaches 10m 190 53.37%
It will happen around the same time 52 14.61%

No chance as even some pretty staunch PS supporters have already noted. X1 will be over 4 in a week or three when PS4 is around 6.5m I think. So 3.5/1 sales ratio needed to hit 10m b4 5m. Enthusiasm's great but you're setting your bar too high.

Someone mentioned big system movers I believe MGS4 is still the champ with around 220m pretty directly attributable PS3 sales in the weeks around launch. It would be wildly optimistic to expect X1 sales to jump that much. T-Fall is a new IP compared to MG, the preceding PS fanbase was maybe 125m at that point and extremely loyal. Lots of other factors, genres with shootism as a possible plus for TF, similar release dates and length of time after console release(?). I should look this stuff up but I've really gotta run. It's possible 200k extra boxes could move in the weeks around T-Falls release but where's the baseline to judge from? Just sayin don't get too high and you won't get too low. Later.

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BeElite said:

What game ever has balooned hardware up to that extent ?

The biggest weekly boost for a game in America was GTAV for the 360, which boosted sales by 2.35x, and the biggest for the PS3 was MGS4, which more than tripled PS3 sales over the previous week (though GTAV was right behind it, giving the PS3 just under a three-fold increase). The biggest boosts for either system in Europe was was also GTAV which tripled 360 sales and more than quadrupled PS3 sales. So, the biggest third-party game of the seventh generation also gave 360 and PS3 sales their biggest bumps ever, with only MGS4 doing something similar to the PS3 in America. Those two games were exceptions to the norm. Typically you don't see more than a doubling over the previous week, and in almost every case, sales rapidly drop back to baseline levels within a week or two. While it's been hyped a good bit and a lot of people apparently like it, Titanfall is no GTA, so I expect not much more than a doubling for this week's XBO sales. If it's lucky, it could pull an MGS4 and triple sales, but such a big boost is so rare that I find it unlikely.

NotStan said:
The question is, why the fuck didn't Xbone release in the other countries yet?

ntkrnl's leak said Tier 2 will be in April. If that's true Microsoft may announce it at GDC next week. 

Sony is selling about a million per month. I think they'll hit 10 million by the end of June (they'll probably announce at E3 as shipped numbers).

The X1 is doing well in NA but it's likely doing terrible elsewhere. If it stays at around 500k per month (not happening, it's go down in April once titanfall hype is done and Sony starts flooding the market with PS4s)

It'll hit 5 million The end of May...

Honestly, I'd say there's good chance PS4 may get to 10 million first, but it probably won't happen. MS will likely pass 5 million (just barely) a few weeks before Sony announces 10 million.

Either way, the gap will continue to increase, I fully expect it to be 7-8 million by the end of Dec. and increasing throughout next year.

So, for this one I'll vote that Yes, Sony will hit 10 million first, just because I'm an optimist, lol.

By the end of 2014, I think the PS4 will be at around 17-18 million, and X1 will be around 8-9 milion (assuming there's a price cut, of course).

I don't think so. But I'm sure ps4 will hit 20 million before Xbox one hits 15

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220m. That would be a helluva boost. Wut a dumass. 220k. I can't seem to edit from my X1s IE app. Lets me use a wireless keyboard now at least.