Forums - Sales Discussion - Do you think that PS4 could reach 10m before X1 reaches 5m WW?

Will PS4 reach 10m before X1 reaches 5m world wide sales?

PS4 reaches 10m before X1 reaches 5m 114 32.02%
X1 reaches 5m before PS4 reaches 10m 190 53.37%
It will happen around the same time 52 14.61%

For me this is a tough call to make. I have seen threads about which one will reach 10m first between Wii U and X1, but which one do you think will reach this goal first. PS4 at 10m or X1 at 5m?

I think I would say X1, it feels a bit more safe to say. But on the other hand the sales of PS4 still seems so stable at the moment that when big titles hit the market I am not so sure how much more the sales will be. Difficult to say because of hardware shortage. And the X1 will also see boosts with big titles hitting the market, by no doubt.

If they are sold at the exact same pace the X1 would however reach 5m before PS4 reaches 10m.

So, what do you think? Can the PS4 sell another 4m consoles before X1 sells 1.4?
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Highly doubtful ps4 would get to 10m before xb1 gets to 5 mill especially with titanfall. PS4 getting to 10m first is a done deal. After the titanhype is up, xbone will be back to selling 60k a week vs 110k for ps4 approx. And there's always the likely hood a sales boost in Japan when the software comes, and japan wont do much for xbone sales.

Hell no, have u seen the latest NDP? X1 is competitive and thats without TitanFall and a price cut


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something massive would have to change in the next couple of months. ps4 will of course hit 10m long long before X1 but X1 will win your proposed numbers by a significant time period, especially with titanfall and the recent NPD update.

It's quite hard for ps4 to reach 10mil before Xbox one reach 5mil. Since Titanfall will boost sale of Xbox one like never before :v

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No, it wont. Ps4 shortage problems are starting to go away, and the result isnt more sales, it is less. That is what happens when supply catches demand. Xbox only needs another 1.3 million to get to 5, and ps4 would need another 3.9 million. Ps4 will probably be in the 8.5 million range when the x1 crosses the 5 million mark.

No. XB1 is competitive with the PS4 in the US and UK (they seem to be levelling out flat with PS4 a slight lead).

Japan is dropping fast. So it's just Europe that PS4 has massive gains in. Not by that much tho.

I think when things stabalise we'll see XB1 at 120k weekly and PS4 at 200k weekly. (both 80k in US, 40k for XB1 elsewhere, 15k in Japan for PS4, and 105k in Europe/elsewhere for PS4.)


When XBO hits 5m, Ps4 will probably be around 8.5-9m

X1 will reach 6 mil before P4 reach 10.

nevah....but maybe in dreams