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J_Allard said:

I like how you scoff at my anecdotal evidence of 4 (was actually 8 but who is counting) accounts working fine, right after you presented evidence of 2 being affected. I don't know how you're seeing this as anything other than isolated issues for some users and frankly I don't care anymore. You're going tohave your spin so go ahead.

I have more then anecdotal though IGN, MAjor nelson Xbox support, any other game site many cannot even log in. MS admits there is a service issue yet you still argue, LOL. It is effecting many.

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Even Arthur Gies is saying the sign-in issues are big deal...

Saying its an isolated issue = arguing the issue doesn't exist. Brilliant insight, per usual.

This is why IMO every game should have some sort of offline gameplay, even if it's just the regular MP against just bots.

power of the cloud

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J_Allard said:
Saying its an isolated issue = arguing the issue doesn't exist. Brilliant insight, per usual.

It's not isolated.

Well, think of it this way- If people are having connection issues, they can just play the single playe....

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Just a question.... you can play offline games on Xbone without login in Live?

wick said:
I find it sad how many people in this thread are saying "expected" and "it will be patched, no problem".

This is the biggest problem in the gaming industry. 90% of the consumers are willing to accept mediocrity.

EA have been called out on this numerous times with their online games. The Sims, Battlefield 4 and now Titanfall.

When people pay money for a brand new product they should expect it to work, not make excuses for a multi-million dollar company that is quite happy to shit all over its "fans" because they'll defend it through thick and thin through some kind of sick brand loyalty.

If only more people would finally get this.

Respawn yesterday say all Titanfall instability is Microsoft Azure issue...